"you are my safe space"

Patricia contacted me because she was feeling stuck.

She felt like she was in limbo. She had big changes coming up in her life. But those changes were a few months away. In the meantime, she felt like she was in a holding pattern. She felt uneasy and unsure what to do.

Particia was also feeling disconnected. From others. From life. And from herself. Sometimes it felt like she was floating above her life - witnessing her life pass by, without feeling connected to the moment.

"very focused and energetic"

Particia and I had our first session together. We met on the beach, sitting in folding chairs across from one another.

During the session, I taught Patricia breathing techniques for calming down, grounding in the moment, and feeling more connection and flow.

We ended the session with Reiki energy healing. I stood behind Patricia, placed my hands on her head and shoulders, and channeled Reiki energy into her body.

I texted Patricia the next day to ask how she'd been doing since our session. Here's how she responded:

"you are my safe space"

Patricia and I had our second session a few weeks later. This time, we had a spiritual dialogue session over Zoom.

Patricia told me about a troubling pattern in her life. When having heart-to-heart conversations with loved ones, she wasn't fully connecting. Her loved one would talk about difficult topics and feelings. Patricia felt like her responses were less heartfelt than they could be. She sensed that her loved ones were feeling frustrated by the lack of heartfelt connection.

Patricia was especially worried because she had an important conversation coming up. A dear friend was grieving a terrible loss and Patricia was going to meet with her friend the next day.

Patricia was feeling anxious and worried. She didn't want the same pattern to keep repeating itself. She wanted to show up for her friend with compassion and sincerity.

Patricia and I discussed the situation in depth. We explored her personal history, and discovered some events from the past that were contributing to the situation. I provided Patricia with guidance for the upcoming conversation with her grieving friend. I also taught her mindfuless exercises to practice both before and during the conversation.

The next morning, Patricia texted me this message:

"thank goodness we talked"

Two days after our session, Patricia provided me an update.

She told me that, the day after our session, she met with her grieving friend. She said the conversation with her friend was deeper than any conversation they'd had before. She said she didn't feel anxious during the conversation. Quite the contrary - she felt deeply connected to her friend's heart.

To her amazement, not only did the conversation go well - her friend extended the conversation, asking Patricia to stay longer than planned. They even smiled and laughed together!

Patricia wrote me the next day:

let's connect today

Are you feeling in limbo? Like you're stuck in a loop?

Are you feeling less connected than you could be? To loved ones? To life? To yourself?

Do you want to live with more clarity, passion, and purpose?

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