"I feel more like myself than I have in months"

Chris reached out to me because he was feeling stuck.

Chris has been wrestling with major life decisions. He's debating whether to continue in his job, and whether to make a move and live somewhere else. He feels torn and drained by the constant thinking and fretting.

Chris has also been feeling socially isolated. Lacking motivation. Caught in a loop. Struggling to do the things he truly loves doing. It's like there's a heavy burden weighing him down, and he just doesn't know how to shed it.

Chris read my emails about Reiki and decided to reach out. We had a conversation over Zoom, and then Chris signed up to work with me.

"I felt more relaxed, more held, and more safe, than I can honestly ever remember."

Chris and I had our first Reiki session. We did the session over Zoom. Chris was over a hundred miles away from me during the session.

After the session, Chris sat up and told me he had an incredible experience. He said he can't remember the last time he felt so relaxed, so held, and so safe. He was so glad he chose to do Reiki with me.

The next day, I followed up with Chris and asked him how he was doing.

Chris said he was doing "wildly better" than before. He told me he was less hung up in negative thinking. He said he was feeling more open and trusting. He said he was relying less on alcohol to numb himself. He said he was doing "really good."

When I followed up with Chris a few days later, he told me about a wonderful serendipity that came into his life.

Chris said that, a few days after our session, he did something he hadn't done in a long while: he spontaneously left the house, went downtown, and had a nice meal at a good restaurant, all by himself. He treated himself to a date - with himself!

While there, he had a chance encounter with a stranger who, as luck would have it, was also a Reiki healer! They enjoyed a nice long conversation together. It turns out the two of them are at very similar points in their lives, and so they had a lot to discuss and share with each other.

Chris said this meeting with the stranger didn't feel like a mere coincidence. There was a feeling of fate or destiny to it, like it was meant to happen. I could hear the excitement in his voice as he told me about this cool little wink from the universe.

His story made me so happy. I was happy that he treated himself to a night on the town. And I was so happy that life gave him this little easter egg, this little uncanny coincidence, to open his sense of wonder.

"I feel centered and more like myself than I have in months."

A week later, Chris and I had a second Reiki session over Zoom.

When Chris emerged from the session, he had a warm, relaxed smile on his face. He told me it was a powerful and gratifying session. He told me that, at points during the session, he felt like he'd gone out of his body, which allowed his body to relax far more deeply than usual. (Several of my Reiki clients have described similar out-of-body experiences.) He said he felt more clarity on a few decisions he'd been wrestling with. He left our session feeling grounded, grateful, and glad.

I followed up with Chris the next day. Chris told me that he felt centered, and that he felt more like himself than he had in months.

Chris's words made me so happy. He'd been struggling so much, carrying such a heavy weight on his shoulders. And now, after just two sessions, he was feeling more peace, confidence, and gladness than he had in a long time. He was feeling more like his true, loving, capable self. It was music to my ears!

I want to help you get unstuck and onto the path of flourishing

All of us get stuck in life. Stuck in negative thinking. Stuck in jobs or relationships that aren't healthy for us. Stuck in habits and routines that don't bring us fulfillment. Stuck in draining attitudes about life, the world, other people, and ourselves.

If that's how you feel, I want to work with you. I have seen Reiki help people break free from their stuckness, empowering them to live with more clarity, more passion, more purpose, and more freedom.

Receiving Reiki is convenient and easy. You simply log into our Zoom session, lie down comfortably, and listen to my guidance. That's it! Reiki and I do all the work for you.

Sign up for a free consultation today

Here's a link to my consultation calendar:


Click on the link, select a date and time that work for you, and we'll meet for a one-hour chat over Zoom.

When it comes to healing, the first step is often the hardest. Take that first step today. Sign up for your consult call. Let me help you get unstuck and onto your path of flourishing.



PS: Did you know that hospitals around the country offer Reiki to their patients, as part of their integrative healing programs? Hospitals offer Reiki because Reiki heals in ways that traditional medicine can't. Sign up for a free consult call, so you can discover the power of Reiki for yourself.

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