"feeling rested & ready to conquer the day"

If you struggle with anxiety, difficulty sleeping, or fear about upcoming events, then this client success story is for you!

A few weeks back, I got a text message from my client, whom I'll call Derek.

Derek told me he wanted a Reiki session with me because he was dealing with a trio of issues.

For one, he was feeling intense anxiety. His anxiety got so intense it was causing chronic tighness and soreness in his legs.

He was also having difficulty sleeping. When he lied down, his anxiety ramped up, creating racing thoughts. These racing thoughts had been keeping Derek awake until 3 or 4 in the morning.

A third issue was a job interview the next day. With his intense anxiety and difficulty sleeping, Derek worried he wouldn't perform at his best.

Derek texted me asking for help.

We met that evening over Zoom.

Derek was over 100 miles away from me during this session!

We began by talking for roughly 10 minutes about his situation and his hopes for the session.

Derek then lied down on his bed and closed his eyes as I channelled Reiki energy to him.

After sending him soothing, healing Reiki energy for about 40 minutes, I invited Derek to open his eyes and share his experience.

Derek told me he felt calmer and more present. He said the main themes for this session were trust and harmony. I could see the relief and gladness on his face.

I wished him luck and asked him to keep me posted.

The next day, Derek sent me this message:

I followed up and asked Derek how the job interview went.

He told me the "interview went well!" He said, "I'm happy with my performance," and he told me he was feeling at peace with the outcome, however it played out.

What an amazing turnaround after just one Reiki session over Zoom!

If you struggle with anxiety...

If you struggle with sleeplessness...

If you have upcoming performances, and you want to show up looking and feeling your best...

Follow Derek's lead - book your free consultation with me!

A single Reiki session provided Derek with:

  • a greater sense of calm
  • a feeling of trust and harmony
  • a good night's rest
  • the feeling that he could conquer his day!

Derek received all these benefits in the comfort of his own home.

He logged into our Zoom session, lied down on his bed, closed his eyes, and then enjoyed the results.

Discover what Reiki will do for YOU!

Book your free consult call here: https://calendly.com/spiritualflourishing/free-consultation-call.



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